coinfection °

July 25, 2016


Karl-Marx-Str 176.

Pics credit : Pablo Rojas

Artist Statement:


Synthetic adhesive tape from various colours.


In biological sciences, a coinfection refers to the parallel infection of a human host by multiple pathogens (parasite, virus, bacteria). In order to understand infection, scientists elaborate theories resulting in the illustration of colonisation routes, transmission and dissemination of the microorganisms in the infected body. Such visualisation could resemble aesthetically the journeys performed by humans, and their impact, in current times. Tape installations -like the one created by Aysegul Dinccag and Ariel WIlliam Orah- hold the potential to spontaneously pop up in random places in a matter of minutes and guide visitors through viral-like pathways in an urban setting.


Human beings that commute and travel between territories and cultures on a daily basis, like microbes do between species, are often not aware of their impact in the place where they land. Every year, more than 20 million people visit Berlin, and leave behind their tour-guided traces in museums, parks, restaurants and hostels. The latter ones are usually comfortable and relaxing hubs featuring witty names and trendy motifs from past ages. The continuous and bold paths that the tourists draw during their visits, consistently cross and merge with the idiosyncrasy of the locals, who struggle to squeeze their historic paraphernalia in the tight schedules of the so called easyjetters. The every hour-arriving anachronic expectations of historic sightseeing and the current offer to experience expired local ideologies, co-infect a paranoid city with open wounds that are still taking time to heal.


Ariel Williams Orah

Aysegül Dinccag







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