V°LUMN Release Party°

July 6, 2016


Karl MArx Straße 176, Berlin-Neukölln

Pics credit : Lisa Pommerien




V°.LUMN is a publication made with and for empathy, a work of artistic and literary bricolage and experimentation. It aims to explore the link between the conscious and the subconscious, embracing ambiguity and playing with the unknown. Rooted in different parts of the world and emerging in 52.5200° N, 13.4050° E, V°.LUMN is a bi-annual, interdisciplinary, and multi-language publication curated by Luftmenschen. The first edition of V°.LUMN 00 approaches the topic of UNDERSTANDING from a variety of angles – literary as well as artistically. It is all about finding connections and understanding between the new and the old, between history and the future, between pragmatism and poetry, between fantasy and the excel sheet.


This issue of V°.LUMN features contributes from: Ayşegül Dinççağ, Julius Falk, Nils van Laak, Stephan Kochen, Maximilian Kupi, Madlen Medina, Ariel William Orah, Valentina Piacentini, Lisa Pommerien, Nicola Süsser, Irmela Wrogemann.


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