Luftmenschen describe their works as gigs - referring to multiple areas of application in form of short and long term projects and events.

November 9, 2016


Kloster Illertissen, Bayern

Pics credit : Julius Falk

Failure frequency is an interactive performance combining story telling, live analog synthesizers tweaking, and live visual scoring.  The main performer is the story teller that tells story about failing, wh...

October 14, 2016

Food curation by :

Audio installation by : LKW

Pics credit :

October 9, 2016


Bandung - Indonesia

In cooperation with Spasial Space Bandung

Pics credit : Rhesatama Anthony

August 8, 2016


HAU, Berlin

Pics credit : Pablo Rojas, Lisa Pommerien, Ariel William

The installation FLUOROMETRY plays with the perception of space: Adding a new layer to the existing surface, it expands the grid and evokes unconventional perspectives. Isometric patter...

July 25, 2016


Karl-Marx-Str 176.

Pics credit : Pablo Rojas

Artist Statement:


Synthetic adhesive tape from various colours.

In biological sciences, a coinfection refers to the parallel infection of a human host by multiple pathogens (parasite, virus, bacteri...

July 6, 2016


Karl MArx Straße 176, Berlin-Neukölln

Pics credit : Lisa Pommerien

V°.LUMN is a publication made with and for empathy, a work of artistic and literary bricolage and experimentation. It aims to explore the link between the conscious and the subconscious, embraci...

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